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Wilding Cider Marl 2020

REGION Chew Magna, Somerset

STYLE Still Dry Cider 

ALC. 6%

Mineral - Juicy - Fresh

A complex blended cider using fruit from their four main orchards, based around Dove, Yarlington Mill and Browns, with a host of other varieties in supporting roles. The result is light and easy to drink with a mouthwatering mineral edge which reflects the various clay and limestone geologies of all our orchards. A perfect summer cider to drink with food (think grilled fish, oysters, salads, nice vegetables)


From Beccy & Sam We are orchard cider makers and farmers, based in Chew Magna, North Somerset. We grow mostly Somerset cider apple varieties in  traditional orchards, managing them in a careful organic way. After some years of hobby cider making we went full time in 2018 and scaled up production to 6,500 litres with fruit from our own 4.5 acre orchard and three other orchards around Somerset. Fruit is picked from the ground in the old way, let mature and fully ripen before pressing, and then fermented gently and slowly with wild yeasts, no sulphites and plenty of time. We mostly bottle cider in 75cl sparkling wine bottles and mature for at least a year before release.