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Wildflower Brewing & Blending St. Phoebe

REGION Australia

STYLE Plum Wild Ale

ALC. 5.4%


 Plum - Ripe Fruit - Creamy

Strong skins pinot gris pet nat vibes. Lifted nose, perfumed (rose water) and full of ripe sweet fruit.

Surprisingly funky and with a dark spice complexity. The palate shines, beautiful, subtly pretty integration with the fruit, creamy carbonation, sweet purple fruits and a moreish gentle acidity to finish.


Wildflower is a blender rather than a brewery. This is pretty common stuff for traditional wild beer producers in Belgium (eg buying straight lambics from producers such as Cantillon and Boon, and blending them to make Gueuze - which is what Tilquin do!).

Wildflower get their base beer from their friends down the road at Batch Brewing. They will then transport it to their site, pitch their house yeasts, and age on various woods / barrels / fruits. 


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