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The Coolea Tower

wedding cheese tower coolea dorstone pitchfork gorwydd caerphilly

This a showstopper of cheese tower  and showcases the best of British cheese please see below for full details of the tower

Top Tier Dorstone 180g raw goat's milk this is an ash coated goat's cheese from Herefordshire, it's citrussy and bright with a moussey texture

Second Tier Evenlode 300g pasteurised cow's milk this is washed rind which gives it its pink orange coat, its nutty and meaty on the outside and custardy on the inside

Third Tier Baron Bigod 1kg raw cow's milk made to a brie de meaux recipe this is a true farmhouse brie style with mushroomy earthy notes and super creamy.

Fourth Tier Pitchfork Cheddar 3kg raw cow's milk made by Trethowan Brothers in Hewish Somerset this is an award winning cheddar this is 12 months aged with a juicy bite, savoury notes and really buttery

Fifth Tier Coolea 3kg pasteurised cow's milk made in the style of Gouda by a dutch couple in Ireland - notes of butterscotch and toffee with a very consistent texture

Sixth Tier Gorwydd Caerphilly 4kg raw cow's milk this is also made by Trethowan Brothers it's got a lovely earthy rind with a very milk centre and a slight tangy finish - named best British cheese at the world cheese awards 2021

Feeds between 200 - 250 guests


Total weight of cheese 11.5kg

Please make sure you put your order in at least two weeks before your celebration date

At the moment this is only available for  local delivery only

Please get in touch with us direct if its for a national delivery email us

There will be an option at check out to choose your preferred delivery date
wedding cheese tower coolea dorstone pitchfork gorwydd caerphilly