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Vacherin Mont D'Or

vacerhin mont dor  d'or soft cheese

REGION Franche-Comte, France
MILK Raw Cow's Milk
SIZE 500g

Nutty - Woody - Creamy

This comes from one of the smallest of 10 producers in the region and the only ones who pre-ripen their milk to encourage acidity. This ultimately gives their cheeses better structure and breadth of flavour than their neighbours. They also stir their curds slowly and allow them rest before draining. They bind their cheeses with generously thick cuts of spruce cambium for its resin influence. And they wash the rinds of their cheese more than other makers to create an insuperably satisfying relationship between the crème fraiche brightness in their paste and the nutty, hammy, smoky, savoury pine-scented richness at their rinds.


Try this with an Orange Wine like Schlehe or  Oude Gueze by 3 Fonteinen

vacerhin mont dor  d'or soft cheese