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Testalonga El Bandito Skin 2021

REGION Swartland, South Africa

GRAPE Chenin

ALC. 11%

TERROIR Granite & Quartz

Honey - Lemony - Floral 

This is a 10 day skin contact wine, less skin contact than his previous vintages. It has all the honey you expect from Chenin. It's classy and enchanting. Full bodies and a bit of zing, it's one of our new favourites. Open it an hour before drinking and it really opens up.


Testalonga was started in 2008 by Craig and Carla Hawkins, based in the Swartland region of South Africa. Their ethos is making wine from grapes and nothing else, they are part of a movement in South Africa challenging the norms of wine making and re writing the rules. 

All their grapes are farmed organically and/or biodynamically and are dry-farmed. None of the grower’s vineyards are irrigated and all grapes are harvested manually.


Try this with a washed rind cheese like Edmund Tew or a young St Cera.