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St. James

REGION Cumbria

MILK Sheep


Creamy - Nutty - Sharp

Right now it's creamy, milky and acidic with a fluffy texture it can also range as the season moves on to deep and complex flavours , rich, savoury and sweet at the same time. 

The cheese is seasonal with milking from early spring to late autumn. It is a washed-rind cheese made daily from the warm, unpasturised milk of Martin & Nicola's flock of Lacaune ewes.

For three to four weeks the cheeses are individually washed and turned in a brine three times a week. This allows them to form that striking orange-yellow rind that contributes so much to the taste.

Martin and Nicola use a non-intensive method of farming: the sheep graze the rich fields of the Holker Estate Farm and are only milked once a day, making for a less-stressed animal and a better-quality milk.  The cheese is made naturally using homemade starter cultures, to truly capture their terroir.