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Somerset Cider & Brandy Co Ice Cider

REGION Somerset, England 

STYLE Ice Cider 

ALC. 11.5%


Honey - Raisins - Apricot

Sweet honeyed start with a ​strong tannic backbone and long clean and pleasing sharpness to finish​. ​Very well balanced between the sweet and the tart with a full bodied, rich texture. This is a dessert cider best sipped with a hunk of blue cheese at the end of a meal.


Ice Cider is made by freezing the apple juice and removing the ice. The remaining naturally concentrated juice is then fermented into Ice Cider.

It takes over 100 apples to make just one bottle of Ice Cider. Bursting with aromas of baked apple and honey. 


Try this with Stichelton, a blue stilton style cheese made with raw milk