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Little Rollright

REGION Gloucestershire, England

MILK Pasteurised Cow’s Milk

Rollright is a spruce lined, soft washed rind cheese made in Gloucestershire by David Jowett. It’s texture like custard, has woody herbal note near the spruce lining, and it’s rind ranges from nutty to meaty.


Since late 2019,David Jowett has been making his French-inspired washed rind cheeses on Manor Farm in the Cotswold village of Chedworth, Gloucestershire. The farm's mixed herd of traditional British breeds, including the Dairy Shorthorn, feed on pastures planted with plentiful clover and herbal leys, lending their milk an aromatic richness. Rollright is regularly washed in brine for three weeks, resulting in the thin orangey-coloured rind that surrounds the cheese's soft, buttery paste. The spruce band with which it is wrapped adds a note of pine to the cheese as well as holding it together as it ages.


This is heavenly with Tom Oliver’s Fine Perry or works with a Gueuze or Lambic try it with 3 Fonteinen