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Pastore Brewing & Blending Hay & Peaches

REGION Cambridgeshire, England 

STYLE Wild Ale  / Sour 

ALC. 7%

SIZE 375ml

Peach - Lemon Rind - Earthy

There is loads of peach here- skin each as well as the fruit too. Lemon rind mkae its way in there with a complex fermented fruit note. Finishes dry with a lovely moreish tartness. Really soft, balanced and well rounded, goes down smooth .


A collaborative wild ale brewed with Little Earth Project. A strong saison style beer mashed through a bed of hay, fermented with belgian ale yeast and our mother culture of wild yeasts and microbes. Conditioned on the second-use peaches from La Pesca


Try this with Evenlode, washed rind cheese made in Gloucestershire