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REGION Franche - Comte, France

MILK Raw Cow’s 

RENNET Animal Rennet

Lactic - Gamey - Nutty

Morbier is a gentle cheese with flavours that range from lactic to mildly gamey as it ages. It has an amazingly moreish quality and is the ultimate comfort cheese.


This Morbier is made at the Sancey Richard Creamery in Metabief, same cheesemaker as out Vacherin, Le Mont d'Or.

Morbier is a semi-soft cheese, used to be made over the course of 2 milkings. Curd would be made from the morning milk and again from the evening milk. In order that the 2 layers of curd should knit together in the cheese moulds, a layer of vegetable ash was put down.