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Mikkeller Spontancherry Fredriksdaal 2021

REGION Denmark

STYLE Cherry Wild Ale (Spontanale)

ALC. 7.2%

SIZE 375ml

Tart - Vinous - Cherry

Funky, bretty, lightly sour and vinous. Wild Ales (Spontanales as Mikkeller like to call them) are a great alternative to a white wine. They pair greatly with asparagus and white fish.

Spontanales while having a very distinct taste are light and don’t overpower any dish. They are great beers to share and let sit in the glass to develop over time. Thus, opt for spontanales when you are not in a rush


Spontanale is the term that Mikkeller uses when brewing beers using the same method of spontaneous fermentation that is traditionally used in lambic. Since lambic is a regional specialty though, anyone brewing it outside of the Pajottenland has to call it something else.


Try this with Beenleigh Blue, Sinodun Hill or Riseley