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Domaine des Vignes du Maynes Bourgogne Rouge Les Crays 2018

REGION Burgundy, France

GRAPE 100% Pinot Noir

ALC. 13%

Dark Fruits - Wild - Earthy

Lovely aromas of raspberry, tart plum, spice & earth. Soft, silky and refreshing with black fruits & citrus plum and raspberry. Any lover of natural wine should try this - open for 30mins or so before tasting.

Although the bottle looks quite traditional, Julien Guillot Bourgogne Rouge Les Crays is a wild natural wine. It is completely pure and the perfect introduction to the work of one of the best natural winegrowers in Burgundy; Julien Guillot.


Domaine du Maynes is run by Julien Guillot, who converted the family farm to Biodynamics when he took over in 1998. The most natural methods possible are used to vinify the wines. 

The name of this cuvée says all you need to know about the parcel it comes from, since it is indeed the chalk-rich soil that defines its character.

The grapes are macerated in whole bunches for about 8 days. Following spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts, the wine ages in wooden barrels for 12 months. It is finally bottled without being filtered, clarified or adding sulphur. 


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