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Marie-Pierre Fassanet-Chevassu Cotes du Jura Chardonnay Sous Voile 2018

REGION: Jura, France

GRAPE: Chardonnay

ALC.: 12%

Mineral - Nutty - Oxidative 

This is Chardonnay matured in barrels under flor - sous voile - in the typical style of the Jura. Its complex, mineral & nutty with a touch oxidative. Inspired by the infamous Vin Jaune, not as intense though - this is chardonnay but with an extra edge. One of our staff favourites


Marie-Pierre of Domaine Chevassu is a young winemaker in Jura, working organically with Chardonnay and the local Poulsard to make wines of real complexity and finesse.


Try this with Comté or you can have a go at Lincolnshire Poacher which is the english version of French Alpine cheese.