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Little Earth Project Barrels & Berries

REGION Suffolk, England

STYLE Wild Ale / Sour 

ALC. 5%

SIZE 375ml

Spicy - Citrussy - Oakey

Rye malt for a light spice picks up on the fruity tannins with the oak coming through. Light acetic complexities further push the fruit to the fore


From Little Earth Project Back in 2019, we decided to experiment with British made fruit purees to slightly deviate from our usual foraging/locally sourcing of whole fruit. You may have tried our Blueberry Sour or Blackcurrant & Rye Sours released earlier in 2021. While we used a substantial amount of puree in each of those beers, we still found we had some remaining. We decided to take a barrel we had been ageing to potentially use in our Stupid Sexy Suffolk Blend, add the purees and see where it went! 


Try this with St.Jude  a cheese made not too far from The Brewery in Norfolk. its soft and lemony and will match the citrussy notes of the beer.