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Judith Beck Ink

REGION Austria, Burgenland

GRAPE Zweigelt, St. Laurent

ALC. 12.5%

Dark Fruit - Juicy - Rich

A blast of dark fruits, spices and fresh, springy juiciness; a lively and light like a mouthful of summer berries.


A family business, Judith Beck inherited the estate from her father after having trained at the well known Bordeaux château Cos d'Estournel. the estate has grown from 5 to 15 hectares over the years and from 2007 Judith has been producing her wines in accordance with biodynamic principles.

The biodynamic approach they use makes the most of the holistic curative qualities of nature and aims at strengthening the natural resistance of the vines. This wine, Beck Ink, perfectly sums up everything that makes Judith Beck’s wines unique and delicious.


Try this with Hafod Cheddar.