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Holy Goat Space Wizard

REGION Dundee, Scotland 

STYLE Golden Sour Ale

ALC. 6.3%

SIZE 375ml

Soft but Tangy - Hoppy - Citrussy

A mixed-culture golden sour beer, fermented with a complex blend of microbes including six strains of Brettanomyces chosen for their intense fruit and funk characteristics.

This beer was split between two fermenters, one part being hopped in the kettle with aged Scottish hops grown by the James Hutton Institute just outside of Dundee. The remainder was completely unhopped. The aged hop beer produced intense fruit and funk characteristics with a very subtle acidity, whilst the unhopped version was much more stone-fruit forward with a fuller acid profile.

Drink young or age.


Holy Goat is a Dundee based brewery specialising in the production of mixed- fermentation and wood aged beers.

Mixed fermentation refers to the use of unconventional yeasts and bacteria in brewing, which allows production of beers with unique character. They are driven by experimentation and are obsessed with the awesome flavours which can be achieved from mixed-culture fermentations.

Inspired by tradition mixed fermentation beer styles they seek to pay hommage to their brewing forbears, using new techniques, fermentation styles and the highest quality ingredients to produce complex, interesting and (most importantly) tasty beer!

The breweries name references the tongue-in-cheek description of the ‘goat’ like qualities of wild yeast (Brettanomyces) characteristics. A reverence to this yeast and to the beers which display these characteristics is a strong part of the identity of the brewery.


Good with fatty but light food like port and for a cheese pairing try this with Brefu Brach.