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Gorwydd Caerphilly

 REGION Somerset, Caerphilly

MILK Raw Cow’s


Milky - Mushroomy - Yoghurty

Rich sharp with a milky centre and a natural earthy velvety mushroomy rind. The contrasting flavours are incredibly moreish.


Trethowan Brothers make organic, raw milk cheese at their dairy in North Somerset, England. Over twenty-five years of experience has gone into their methods, keeping heritage cheese making alive and adhering to the principles of the Slow Food movement. 

This cheese was first made on their farm in South Wales, before their move to Somerset, they work the curds by hand and allow the cheese to mature for longer than most Caerphillys.  This results in a deeper, more sophisticated flavour.


 Try this with De Ranke Kriek Audenaerde a flemish sour beer