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Evensong Brewing Common Land

REGION Herefordshire, England

STYLE Barrel Aged Stock Ale 

ALC. 5.5%

SIZE 750ml

Lime - Fig -Candied Orange

It pours a warm burnt orange and opens with lime flesh, fig and pineapple on the nose. As it sits, deeper layers of candied orange and subtle tobacco leaf are carried by a gentle acidity and light tannic structure from the Quince addition.


FROM THE BREWERY A simple grist of pilsner, wheat and château arôme was fermented in a single oak barrel with an expressive English ale strain and a mixed culture. Common Land slowly fermented without temperature control and matured in cool cellar conditions over 24 months.

A few months prior to packaging, Common Land was refermented with a touch of Quince juice which added a brightness that interplays with the restrained acidity in the base beer. Loosely inspired by the original British barrel-aged stock ales and the French rustic / keeping beers, our aim was to gently enhance but still maintain the cohesive characteristics of slow barrel maturation rather than shifting the profile with a large fruit addition. Please note, this is not a fruit forward beer.

Common Land slowly matured and conditioned in green glass for 9 months before release.