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Duc De Nauves Chateau Le Puy 2019 Bordeaux

REGION Bordeaux, France 

GRAPE Merlot blend

ALC. 14%

Herbs - Meaty- Peppery

Spent time 12 months on old oak and grown on iron rich soils this is meaty, peppery with notes of spiced plums; clove, piney with hints of green olive tapenade and smoke. Bright, tart concentrated fruit flavors, red licorice with smooth tannins


Steeped in history, Le Puy was first built in the early 17th century. Despite the march of time, production here harks back to an older era. Unlike most Bordeaux wines, which are blended from several grapes, this estate crushes grape varieties together allowing the indigenous yeasts from different parcels and grapes to combine. This provides an extra layer of complexity during their natural fermentation process. These wines are capable of maturing for decades.

From 1990, Le Puy started to move towards sulphite-free vinification, with an extra focus on using only carefully selected grapes without added sulphites, sugars or yeasts, and then allowing the wine to barrel mature for 24 months, with regular stirring in accordance with the lunar calendar. No filtration or fining takes place. This process was implemented in full from the 1998 vintage. As such, they are certified biodynamic by Demeter.


Try this with Gubbeen, the smokey notes of the cheese rind bounces of the smokey notes of the wine.