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Domaine Lupin Rousette de Savoie Cru Frangy

REGION : Savoie, France

GRAPE : Rousette

ALC. : 12.5%

Stonefruit - Honeyed - Nutty

Soft mouthfeel with pear, honey & spices - nutty finish & off-dry, this is a good food wine.  Complex but also very easy drinking. 


Not a name that is going to resonate with many UK wine drinkers, but this is fine white from the hills of France. The cake sounding 'Frangy' part of this name refers to the village from whence it came, one of 16 villages in the Savoie given cru staus under the AOC.

The environment and cold winter temperatures make more natural production the norm in these climes and at Domaine Lupin, they adopt a lutte raisonnee approach (minimal use of chemicals, hand harvested, low yields of around 49hl/ha).

Rousette (otherwise known as Altesse) can make exceptional wine and at this very modest price, this glass is very enjoyable indeed. The flavours are reminiscent of pear, gingerbread, spice and honey with a touch of nougat and the mouthfeel is soft, mellow and off dry. 


Try this with Comté or Beaufort