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Domaine de La Borde Chardonnay Terre du Lias 2018

REGION: Arbois (Jura), France

GRAPE: Chardonnay

ALC.: 12.5%

Mineral - Cream - Fresh

Aged for 12 months in large French oak barrels, without oxidation, called 'ouillé'. It has a smooth, velvety and full profile with hints of zest and cream, supported by freshness and minerality. There is a savoury note too which adds to the complexity of this wine.


Julien Mareschal established his tiny Domaine in 2003, quickly moving his work in the vineyards to biodynamic practices when he saw the benefits being reaped by his neighbours. Today, his wines are some of our favourite representations of Jurassien grape variety


Typically we would say Comté but it works really well with Rachel Reserve or Coolea.