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Crossover Blendery The Pershores Plum Purple

REGION Hertfordshire, England 

STYLE Wild Ale / Sour 

ALC. 6.5%

Woody - Tart - Sour Plums

Let this beer warm up and it transforms in to fuller body with a lot more layers. It's slightly oakey with a plummy finish- out of the two Pershore Plum beers this is lighter on the palate.


Golden ale brewed with malted barley and raw wheat. Spontaneously fermented and aged for 15 months in neutral french oak barrels. The beer was then moved onto frozen purple pershore plums from the 2020 harvest. The fruit was from Styan Family Produce in Worcestershire. We cold soaked the plums in tank for 7 days prior to adding beer for flavour and colour extraction. The beer remained on fruit for 2 months before returning to barrel for further maturation. Components from two other barrels were used in the final blend.


Try this with Beenleigh Blue - they complement each other really well.