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Colston Bassett Stilton

REGION Nottinghamshire, England

MILK Pasteurise Cow's Milk


Brothy - Nutty - Tangy

A rich and creamy Stilton  with electric blueing, brothy flavours & a lingering finish.


From Neal's Yard Dairy Colston Bassett Dairy, which was set up as a cooperative in 1913 and is still owned by a handful of local residents and the farmers who supply the milk, is one of only five dairies in the world still producing Stilton – and the only one that continues the traditional process of ladling the curds from the vat to the cooling trays entirely by hand: an important step in achieving a smooth, rich-textured cheese. The milk is sourced from farms within 1½ miles of the dairy, and the head cheesemaker, Billy Kevan, is only the fourth person to have held the post in more than a century.


BEER  Can’t go wrong with the dark beer either a porter or stout for a classic pairing

CIDER Try this with an ICE CIDER