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Chateaux Mourgeus Du Grès, Galets Dorés

REGION :  Languedoc, France

GRAPE: Grenache Blanc, Roussanne and Vermentino

ALC.: 14%

Mineral - Floral - Zesty

Fruity (citrus and white-fleshed fruit), floral and mineral notes, zesty with a beautiful aromatic persistence. A silky and cool texture. A salty note, reminiscent of the sea breeze, makes up part of its finesse.


The ‘Galets’ is a homage to the stony soil called ‘grès’.

Sculpted by the moraine of the Rhône river in the Quaternary Period, they are emblematic of our terroir that is located near the river. This stony soil is complemented by the originality of a chalky soil from the Mesozoic Era, rarer in our Appellation and best suited to our white wines.


Try this with Lingot de Causses - a french goat's cheese.