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Brouwerij Boon Schaarbeekse Kriek

REGION Belgium

STYLE Fruit Lambic

ALC. 6%


Oaky - Cherry - Tart

This is an easy drinking and fresh, cherry-sweet, oaky, Cherry Fruit beer. 


One of the classic examples of this Belgian style, Boon Kriek is a cherry beer made by blending different ages of lambic and ageing them again over whole cherries. The result is a very tart but slightly sweet beer with a deep, rich cherry flavour and a light, fizzing finish.

Boon produces some of the best lambic beers in the world. Exposed to natural yeasts in the air and left to ferment in giant (and we mean giant) oak barrels, it is the most natural way to make beer and yields a depth of flavour not found in any other style.


Have this with goat's cheese like Dorstone