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Brouwerij Alvinne Farmhouse Sour #5 BA Blend of Moscatel White Port & Bordeaux

REGION West Flanders, Belgium

STYLE  Wild Ale / Sour Beer 

ALC. 8.5%

SIZE 750ml

Vinous - Gooseberries -  Juicy

This is a barrel aged blend of sour beers of Moscatel White Port & Bordeaux barrels.

Hazy golden orange in colour, the nose is earthy, pineapple, grape & oak. On the palate  gooseberries, zesty, fermented fruit rind with that Alvinne particular taste. It's a special bottle.


From the brewery Our brewery is strongly dependent on Morpheus yeast, our house yeast strain, which enables us to brew sour and non-sour beers. In 2008, our yeast whisperer Marc picked a wild yeast culture in the French Auvergne and patiently selected, isolated and cultivated the now famous Morpheus yeast to the desired standard.

Morpheus is a mixed culture of 2 yeast strains (saccharomyces cerevisae) and lactobacillus. In our Traditional Ales range, the lactobacillus is deactivated.

Morpheus yeast gives our beers the recognisable Alvinne touch. 


Try this with Langres - the creamyness of the cheese with its boozy rind just allows both to elevate each other.