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Les Petits Cléments, Sauvignon-Mauzac

REGION : Côtes du Tarn, France

GRAPE: Sauvignon-Mauzac

ALC.: 12%

Crisp while also full of ripe fruit, it's bright, it's lively, it;s refreshing and zesty. Lemon, ripe apples and a touch of warmer tropical fruits all come together in this delicious easy drinking wine.


Côtes du Tarn IGP refers to wines produced in a small area in the Tarn department of southwestern France; the production zone is situated northeast of the city of Toulouse. The region's climate is generally considered to be Mediterranean

Red wines make up the majority of production in area, with 58 percent of the total production. Gamay is the flagship grape of the region


Try this with Brefu Brach, a sheep's milk cheese