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El Carro De La Mata Skin Contact

el carro de la mata

REGION Alicante, Spain

GRAPE Moscatel

ALC. 13.5%

Peach - Honey - Salt

Notes of peach, honey, salt, wild flowers, peppery oak, finishes with bold tropical fruit, the wine is very dry mineral and saline.


Manual harvest - 30% of the grapes are introduced without destemming into clay jars and the remaining 70% destemmed. The must ferments with its skins in a clay jar, spontaneously with yeasts from the vineyard and without the addition of sulfur. Total contact with skin 28 days. After pressing, the wine remains for 4 months in an earthen jar until bottling, which is done without clarifying or filtering and using a part of the lees in the bottle that will serve to protect the wine over time, since no sulphur is added.

Rafa Bernabé and his wife Olga set up this project in order to help protect local traditional viticulture. The vineyards are all dry grown, old bush vines with very small yields. Rafa wants to respect this sense of place by intervening as little as possible both in the vineyard and in the winery.


Try this with L’Etivaz, a swiss alpine cheese.

el carro de la mata