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Domaine Giachino Apremont 2020

REGION Savoie, France

GRAPE Jacquère

ALC. 11%

Crisp - Elegant - Bone Dry

100% Jacquere, crisp, lean, fresh with sometimes a hint of funky richness. A local variety that makes crisp, elegant wine The acidity is bracing and fruit very clean. For an interesting alternative to Chablis from one of the lesser known corners of France, Monfarina is a great choice.


Grapes are handpicked and are then pressed slowly and gently using a pneumatic system. The vats are thermos-regulated to 5 degrees in order to clarify the wine. This process allows them to reduce the use of sulphites. A week to ten days later, they extract the clear fluid, which will ferment with the yeasts naturally present in the grapes.  Malolactic fermentation is not controlled, it might happen. Wine is aged on the lees until bottling. 


Try this with St. Jude and lovely with fish & seafood