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Ciello Bianco

REGION: Sicily, Italy

GRAPE: 100% Catarratto

ALC: 12.5% abv

Tropical Fruits - Zing - Grapefruit

Full bodied with fresh tropical fruits, pineapple and grapefruit zest. This bottle is unfiltered and can be hazy, which is expected. A lovely example of what Cataratto can do.


100% Catarratto fermented by the Vesco family. They have modernised the winery to allow them to work with less intervention. Sandy soils above Alcamo and naturally occurring yeasts produce this easy drinking entry into natural wine. Short maceration on the skins makes this a good entry level skin contact wine.


Try it with Lincolnshire Poacher , to match the tropical fruit in both cheese & wine. OR have a go with Rollright - the earthy, creaminess of the cheese loves the tropical fruit of the wine.