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The Veil Closer Glimpse Viognier

REGION Richmond, US

STYLE Wild Ale with Viognier Grapes

ALC. 9%

Cantaloupe - Tart - Oakey

On the nose hints of cantaloupe melon with the Viognier influence coming through - the sharpness is softened by the barrel. Reminiscent of a soft, full-bodied Chardonnay with perfect acidity and oak balance.

Bottle-conditioned for 16 months.

Take to friends for dinner, good to share with wine & beer people. 


A blend of 2 and 3 years old spontaneously fermented, Lambic-inspired beer conditioned on whole Viognier grapes from Flying Fox Winery


Try this with Winslade, a soft white bloomy cheese from Hampshire.

Would go down a treat with Pasta in a creamy mushroom sauce.