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Wilding Cider Run Deep 2018

REGION Somerset, England 

STYLE  Dry Still Cider

ALC. 8%

Stone Fruit - Ripe Apples - Butterscotch

 Foxwhelp, Porter's Perfection, Dabinett and Yarlington Mill are the main body of the blend. Aromas are of stone fruit, orange flesh, ripe apples and butterscotch with complex wild yeast character. Good with grilled pork. Drink cellar temp.


Sometimes things take a bit longer than usual and this - the second iteration of Run Deep - is ready nearly 6 months later than we released the 2019. 2018 was an excellent year and this is our final release from the vintage. We made a blend focussed on sharp and bittersharps with soft tannins and very full fruit flavours, and then gave it the time in tank and bottle it needed to express itself.


Try this with St. Cera - a washed rind cheese.