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Tom Oliver's Mayflower Fifth Voyage

REGION Herefordshire, England 

STYLE Still Medium Cider

ALC. 6.8%

Spicy - Ripe Apples - Tannic

Full bodied, ​fruity appley cider with spicy acidity​. This prolonged​ barrel aged bittersweet cider ​was ​blended with an Ice Cider after partial fermentation. 

A ruby red hued liquid, that carries the rich aroma of apples strewn over the orchard floor. It tastes of ripe apples in autumn with spicy acidity & is full bodied & robust. With just enough ice cider to bring the tangy fruitiness out in full​.


A deep dive into barrel ageing and ice cider. This fruity appley cider with spicey acidity is full bodied as a result of prolonged barrel aged bittersweet cider back sweetened with partially fermented ice cider

Still Medium Dry Fine Cider Blended With An Ice Cider



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