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Rebel Root Cider Lost


REGION Bolney, England

STYLE Sparkling Cider

ALC. 6%

Tangy - Floral - Spicy


From the Cidery

We all like surprises. IBC 47, lingered invisible at the bottom of a stock sheet somewhere and tucked away in the corner of the barn unloved and forgotten. Only to be stumbled on when converting the barn to our new ciderworks. What we know is that it is a pre fermentation blend of Spartan, Bramley and Dabinett apples, A dessert, a Culinary and a Bitter Sweet cider variety grown for us in East Sussex.

What we don’t know is the quantity of any of them. One that will never be repeated but has spawned the idea of an annual end of season apple bin ends cider, lets see what happens.


Try this with Kirkham's Lancashire