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Nightingale Fledgling No 2.

REGION Kent, England

STYLE  Pet Nat Cider / Sparkling Cider

ALC. 6.4%

Red Apples - Cranberries - Sour Cherry

No other fruit than apples here -  Red Love apple, a rare example of a red-fleshed apple that has given this cider its natural vibrant colour.

A moussey  carbonation with mouth-puckering pink grapefruit and cranberries, strawberry and sour cherries. Tannins is minimal and there is a lingering fruity finish.


The fledgling series showcases cider made using the ancestral, or pét-nat (pétillant natural), method. This involves bottling before the end of primary fermentation, allowing the process to complete in the bottle itself. The year 2020 was an incredible vintage for cider and we were compelled to bottle two of our ciders using the pét-nat process.


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