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REGION Lanarkshire, Scotland

MILK Raw Goat’s 

RENNET Animal Rennet

When young this is creamy & soft with a peppery & herbal rind.

When matured it has a fudgy texture and an intense spicey edge.


Elrick is made to a traditional French-lactic recipe, this involves a long (24 hours) setting of the curd before being gently hand ladled into tube moulds which allow it to retain its soft creaminess. It is then dusted with edible ash on the outside, and as it matures (over three weeks) forms a wrinkly Geotrichum-yeast-like rind which intensifies its herbaceous flavour.


BEER This works so well with Pale Ales & IPA, find a crisp one with a piney finish.

WINE A crisp white like a Languedoc Moulin de Gassac or a white Rioja.

CIDER Try this with a still dry cider like Tom Oliver’s Dabinett.