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We Chat with Newtown Park Brewery

We Chat with Newtown Park Brewery

It's exciting to welcome in a new brewery into Bristol's amazing craft beer fold! Tell us, why now? 

And were there any benefits to opening in such turbulent times? 

When we saw that LHG were moving and looking to fill their old premises, it didn't take long for us to figure out that this was the opportunity we had been waiting for. We had spent the last couple of years pondering about starting our own business and what that might look like, within a week we had decided to go for it and haven't looked back since!

We had always wanted to build a direct-to-consumer brand and with the current market conditions, that’s the only to do it right now—so it’s putting our expertise to the test for sure!

As a team you have some interesting backgrounds, what's the story that got you here? And how do these experiences define who Newtown Park are? 

We believe that we’ve built a team with a great depth of experience and expertise. Lara has spent the last 10 years working at Bart Ingredients as the Brand Manager which has seen her work with big retailers, launching products, and working with new product development creating new products, brands, flavours & blends. Virginia started by obtaining a brewing degree at DIEFFE in Padova and then embarking on a journey around Europe interning at different breweries including; Strange Brew (Sweden), Oersoep (Netherlands) and Brew By Numbers (UK).  Before joining Newtown Park Virginia was brewing at Moor Beer Company, one of the older craft breweries in the country.

Michael aka Macca, brings his expertise in working with start-up companies, breweries (Verdant, LHG), and creative industries (Fotomatic) and has ran his own companies for nearly a decade. He’s been a home brewer for a many years, starting out in his Dad's garage with fellow home brewer, Matt Hazely, both who also co-founded Homebrew Collab.

Do you intend to keep to a strong core range, or will we be seeing lots of experimental single releases through the coming months? Or anything tucked away ageing for future release...? 

Oh, we will definitely be developing a core range! Maybe Tomorrow and No Going Back were such a big hit when we launched that we will be keeping these going for sure! We have Russian Imperial Stout that is aging away in  bourbon barrels as we speak, so look out for a special release later in 2021. In the meantime, expect to see more Pales, IPAs, Pilsners, old school Westies along with the odd Saison and sour!

We all love a collab! Any dream brewery team-ups? 

For breweries that are on our door step it would have to be; Deya, Verdant, & LHG. Thinking a little further afield; The Alchemist, Hill Farmstead, or, where it all began for Macca, Sierra Nevada.

We might have something in the pipeline with our new next door neighbours, keep ’em peeled!

We are super excited to welcome you onto one of our cheese and beer pairing events! The heart of these events are what makes us tick. Do you have any go-to beer and food pairings?

We’re a team of food lovers, so it was a tricky one to pick out our absolute favourites.

For Virginia, a blueberry or vanilla cheesecake with an Imperial Stout, for Lara it’s a classic pairing of a cold crisp Lager & pizza and for Macca, it’a pizza again, but he’ll take his with a mixed ferm sour or an IPA.


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